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KS4 Careers Webinar

Year 10 and Year 11 students and their parents benefited from a careers webinar delivered by our Independent Careers Adviser, Georgie Blackburn

On Wednesday 10th February our Independent Careers Adviser, Georgie Blackburn, delivered two webinars aimed at helping our Year 10 and Year 11 parents and carers to better support their child with their post-16 options. Topics covered included:

  • The options available for your child and local provision in Gloucestershire 
  • The differences between types of courses and qualifications and learning environments 
  • How to learn more about sixth forms/colleges/apprenticeships and the application process 
  • Positive ways to support your child with career and education choices 

It finished with a chance for questions and answers about any concerns. Both webinars were very well attended with over 75 families benefiting from Georgie Blackburn’s experience.  

During both sessions a poll was taken asking parents and carers to comment on “Did they know at the age of 15 what career they wanted to do AND if so are they still doing it now”. Only 5 parents were able to answer yes to this question with the vast majority answering “I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but I’m doing something different now.” Current young people are unlikely to stay in one field for the whole of their career and so there is greater emphasis now on transferable skills and Georgie’s webinar focused on how best to prepare today’s 15 year olds on how to make informed decisions, post-16 and beyond. 

A copy of the webinar will be posted on the careers page of the school website.