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Research increasingly shows that when parents are involved with their child's education, children do better. Professor Sheila Wolfendale, Director of the Doctorate in Educational Psychology at the University of East London has identified the following as key reasons for this:

  • Parents have the most important and enduring relationship with their children.

  • Children learn more from their home environment than from any other setting.

  • Parents have a strong commitment to their children and families and to voicing their needs.

  • Parents have a more detailed knowledge than professionals about their child across time and in a variety of settings; moreover, this knowledge is more personal and in-depth than professionals.

  • In the case of children with recognised disabilities, many parents will know more about their child's particular disability and about the service system than many professionals.

  • Parents know their aspirations for their child and family and what is best for their family.

  • Parent's involvement in their child's education contributes to children's positive attitudes to learning and to themselves as learners.

  • Parental involvement in their child's education promotes mutual respect and understanding between the home and centre or school.

  • Accountability is more open when parents are involved in their child's programme.

  • Some parents need extra support and guidance to understand and cater for their child's atypical needs.

  • Through their participation in their child's programme, parents can gain skills and confidence in their ability to meet their child's atypical needs.

At Severn Vale we want to develop an effective working relationship with the parents of our students so that together we can ensure your child realises their potential with us. The aim of this section of the website is to provide you with the information you will need to help your child succeed at Severn Vale School. If you feel that you need further information not provided here to help your child, please contact the school so that we can develop further this section of the website.

The term 'parents' is used throughout the text for simplicity. However, it should be taken to refer to all those who may look after a child including carers, foster parents and the local authority.