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Year 9 - Young Enterprise Competition Winners

Severn Vale School's Year 9 Young Enterprise Competition on 9th/10th May 2022 

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday all Year 9s took part in an enterprise competition. Working in teams of 5-6 they were tasked with coming up with an idea of how best to utilise a piece of land on Severn Vale School site to benefit students. Each group had an outside mentor who guided and advised them and helped them produce a final sales pitch which they presented to a judge at the end of the day.

Points were awarded for the team who work best together to decide what they would like to do with land, how they would source materials or products, what the project cost would be and how well they presented their findings to the judge.  The overall winners were Group 3 from Tuesday's event:- Phoebe Adshead, Kirsty Beattie, Nathan Hayward, James Wallis.