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Year 7 inspired by GROWS

Year 7 students visit the University of Gloucestershire

We were able to take the whole of Y7 to the university of Gloucestershire thanks to the visit being sponsored by GROWS. Students started off experiencing a 'lecture' where they debated what was the point of going university? During their visit Y7s also had a tour of the Oxstalls Campus including their Paramedic Suit (with a frighteningly life-like "baby"), Music & Dance Studios and Sports Department. Year 7s also took part in a mock trial in their MOOT Court Room where they got to debate the R v Dudley and Stephens (1884) Case. Dudley and Stephens were shipwrecked along with two other men. When one of them, the cabin boy Richard Parker, fell into a coma, Dudley and Stephens decided to kill him for food. This case is one of a few criminal cases taught to all law students in England and Wales and our Year 7s got very vocal regarding who was innocent and who was guilty. Lastly, students were given the opportunity to think about what makes up a university in terms of courses offered, campus accommodation and the clubs and societies on offer.