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Year 10 - Visit to Parliament

Year 10 GCSE Citizenship & Politics students visit to Parliament

This term, students from Yr10 headed down to London for the day to visit Westminster and have a tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 

Before heading into Parliament we went on a tour of London taking in some of the major political landmarks along the way, making sure to stop outside Downing Street to check if any new Prime Ministers were moving in.

After our tour of Parliament students took part in a workshop run by the parliament education service, where they explored the making of laws in this country.  Students debated the issue of votes at 16 with impassioned, informed arguments on both sides.   

The day finished with a Q&A session with our local MP Richard Graham where he impressed upon them the importance of exercising their right to vote when the time comes.  He also answered a range of questions, including a candid response to whether he felt MPs should be on reality TV shows!

As always, the students were a credit to the school, with their tour guides commenting on how extremely knowledgeable and informed they were.  Something that comes as no surprise to us!