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Cheltenham Science Festival

This week has seen a series of trips out to the Cheltenham Science Festival.

On Tuesday, students in years 7 and 8 attended a talk by Tim Peake. Hosted by Maddie Moate, he spoke about his time in space on the International Space Station and the students were then able to ask him their own questions - if you have ever wondered how astronauts go to the toilet in space, our students can now let you know!

On Wednesday KS3 students went to 'The Science of TikTok' talk with Jamie Gallagher. Students learnt not to believe everything they see online, as well as some excellent science experiments that can be completed at home, such as popping a balloon with lemon juice! The talk ended with a quiz students completed on their phone, and out of all the schools and students their, Samanta C from year 8 won with 10/10!

Both days were concluded with a trip to 'The Arcade' with a multitude of STEM based games, including drone flying, facial recognition software testing, coding and of course, Pac-Man!

Our week of Cheltenham Science Festival trips will conclude on Friday when 15 year 10 students will be attending a STEM careers panel.