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Year 11 Paris Trip

On Friday 9th February, 37 Year 11 students and 4 members of staff travelled to Paris with PGL to experience the sights and culture of France’s capital city as part of their GCSE French course.

Once settled into the Château, students had the chance to practice both their language and culinary skills with a crêpe making workshop, in French! Delicieux!













The next day, we headed into the centre of Paris. First stop, La Tour Eiffel! Despite the rain, the symbolic French landmark looked beautiful, and we had an opportunity to get a photo of the group before heading up the 1,665 steps.

After some fresh baguettes for lunch, we headed towards the River Seine for a river cruise to see some more famous Parisian landmarks such as the Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre.

Next stop, the Sacré Coeur de Montmartre. This iconic Basilica overlooks the entire city of Paris and its suburbs. We then ventured into the district of Montmartre, and explored the winding, cobbled streets of Paris’ famous art district.













Back at the Château that evening, students were given the opportunity to try some French cuisine (escargots!) and a quiz in French to test their knowledge of vocabulary with the French speaking animateur.

Our final day, Disneyland!

An unforgettable experience for our Year 11 French students, who were a credit to our school during every aspect of the trip!