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Behaviour for Learning

Our BfL system builds upon best practice from other successful schools and recommendations from Ofsted. BfL focuses on rewarding good behaviour through a system of praise stamps, praise postcards, phone calls, and other rewards such as Year Group trips. There is a clear focus on the language of choice. Students who make positive choices are rewarded; students who make poor choices are issued consequences.

The students, staff, governors and parents were involved in establishing our 3 key rules of the classroom:

Rule 1 — YOU MUST work to the best of your ability  

Rule 2 — YOU MUST ensure your behaviour does not disrupt the learning of others  

Rule 3 — YOU MUST follow staff instructions without question

Students who choose to break these rules and disrupt learning and teaching will have chosen a consequence:

C1 Verbal warning
C2 Verbal warning
C3 Student sent to Referral Room and kept out of lessons for 24 hours

The school also has high expectations of the students’ approach to homework, uniform, punctuality and behaviour in and around the school. We expect all of our students to be positive walking adverts for Severn Vale School. Students who choose not to comply with these expectations will be choosing consequences.

For further information about BfL please contact either of our Deputy Headteachers, Mr Horton or Mrs Prescott.