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Second Hand Uniform Shop



2nd Hand Uniform and Lost property

All uniform we have in stock and items of lost property are now listed on the following website:

All of our current items are listed, along with sizes and prices. You can use the website to select your items and pay for your choices online.

We need to draw your attention to the following:

2nd Hand Uniform

  • All items are heavily discounted, even if they look like new. This is a way we can help all families afford branded uniform, which we know can be expensive.
  • All items have been laundered but have since been stored so we would suggest washing before wearing.
  • All items have been checked and we have only listed clothing which we think is an acceptable quality. All items are listed as very good condition, and although most items are as new, it is 2nd hand so some may need the odd button replacing or seam stitching. It is nothing more than general wear and tear.
  • Some sizes are approximate, as different makers use different sizing guides. We have taken care to ensure they're listed as accurately as possible. Please note that the actual size of the garment will be listed in the description of the item.
  • It is very difficult to identify the gender of some trousers and shirts. We have listed as we feel appropriate.
  • We do not give refunds on 2nd hand uniform but are happy to swap sizes if the item does not fit and an alternative is available in stock.
  • Once you buy uniform, we will receive an email from UniformD and give the item(s) to your child to bring home, unless you indicate otherwise. We will try to do this as quickly as we can but please bear with us as it may take up to 1 week to complete the whole process.
  • Our items listed default to 'most recently added to website'. You will have your own criteria to search but when looking through all items, we have found it easier to browse through the uniform when the filter is set as 'sorting alphabetical (A-Z).

Lost Property

  • All lost property will be added to Uniformd, with 'Lost Property' as the start of the item name.
  • If your child has lost anything, please keep an eye on the website as any unnamed items will be added as soon as possible.Named items are routinely returned to the pupil.
  • If you recognise lost property items, DO NOT BUY THEM ON THE SYSTEM. Please email to claim it, it will be given to your child to bring home and the item removed from the website.
  • After being listed as lost property for a minimum of 1 month, any unclaimed items will be laundered and added as a 2nd hand uniform or recycled for charity.
  • This process is being started with current items from our lost property which have been unclaimed since as far back as October. We also have some personal items such as glasses and jewellery but have not listed these. Please contact the school if your child has lost such items.
  • All lost property can be found as miscellaneous items on the search filter.

In order for this to be a continued success and help other families, we would be most grateful for donations of uniform so we keep a good stock level. If you buy from Uniformd and benefit from discounted uniform, perhaps you would consider donating any items which your child has grown out of for us to sell onto others.