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Tablet Computers in School

Technology. What would you do without it? In our society today we are dependent on technology to live. Schools around the UK are starting to get with the times and have more technological environment with their learning. They are introducing tablets to the schools, allowing their students to learn better. Having tablets in school will increase the learning efficiency of the students because people learn better while having fun.

I asked whether people thought that tablets would be suitable for school use to see what thoughts they had on the subject and the response was positive. I asked why they thought tablets were suitable for school use and the results were that tablets would improve the efficiency of the students learning and better the school. Also they were asked what their main purpose of the tablets would be and specifically for education but Severn vale is thinking of allowing the students to take their tablets home to further increase their learning.

One of our reporters interviewed Mr Johnson deputy head teacher and Mr Tuckwell of Severn Vale School and Mr Johnson said that using tablets will only better the school and he cannot see any problems for the future of the school.

The technology will be used to further improve the education system for the students in school across the UK.

Tablets will be used everywhere in the school environment, such as homework, classwork and revision.

Overall, I have concluded that tablets will only improve the school learning environment and could be a potential profit in both tablets companies as well as students in school around the UK.