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The transition from primary to secondary school is an important milestone for all students. We work hard at Severn Vale School to ensure that the process of transition runs as smoothly as possible for all our new Year 7 students and their parents.

Our Assistant Head (KS3) Luke Brown  manages all elements of the transition process. He is regular contact with our partner primary schools and is well-placed to ensure that Year 7 students settle into Severn Vale School quickly.

Once Year 7 arrive, they have a Head of Year and a “Transition Team” comprising of key members of teaching and support staff to help make the process of transition as easy as possible for them.

Once Secondary School places have been allocated by the county and we have received our allocations for the coming academic year, Mr Brown, Mrs Littlegray (our SENCo) and other members of the Transition Team visit each primary partner school and speak with both students and staff to help get to know the students better. For students who may find the transition process particularly difficult, we offer a bespoke programme of additional primary school visits combined with visits to Severn Vale.

We hold two induction days for students at the school each July where they can meet their new tutor, complete key tests such as CATs and reading tests and take part in taster lessons. The second day is followed by an evening for parents and students where they can, again, meet tutors and other key staff and ask any questions they have.

Although work with the Year 6 students is very important, we also work with younger students from across QLC and our other partner primaries and involve them in activities such as Forensic Science Day, Master Classes and Multi-Faith Day to ensure that Severn Vale becomes a familiar and welcoming place for them.