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Year 9 GCSE Options

Year 9 Options Launch 2021

Welcome to the launch of options for Year 9. This is an exciting and important moment in your child's schooling as they make their decisions about the subjects they will study for the next two years.

This is the first time in their education where they can decide which subjects to study and which not to study. To support you in helping your child to make these decisions this page will outline the process, give you information about the courses available and some advice about how your child may make their choices.

Please watch the introduction and option process video to get an overview of the reason why we are asking Yr9 students to make options and how they make these decisions





Key Stage 4 (KS4) consists of Core and Option subjects. Core subjects are English, Math, Science (Double Award), Futures and PE. They then have their option subjects. They choose four subjects from a list of twenty.

Following on from the information in the option booklet and to support your child further in making their choices, below are the links to subject videos that provide information about each course.


Art: Fine Art: Photo Child Development Citizenship Computer Science Food Geography
Health and Social Care History ICT - iMedia Media Music PE Product Design
Religious Studies Sociology Spanish Sport Textiles Triple Science Careers


Having read and watched the supporting videos should you have any further questions regarding a subject please take the opportunity to email the subject leader whose contact details can be found in the option booklet.

If you would like to speak to a Careers advisor regarding option choices, please contact Mrs V. Martin who will be able to give further advice.


The next steps in the options process

Once you have had an opportunity to read, watch and ask questions of the Subject Leaders your child might be in a position to make their option choices. Some may require additional information to support them in their decision making.

Taster session:

For subjects which are not taught at KS3 we will be offering sessions during prep time for students to listen to the subject leader and find out more information. There sessions will be held during prep time between the 22nd February and the 5th March.

Options question time – 11th March at 6:30-8:30:

We will be holding an Options question time evening. This will be an opportunity for you and your child to ask further questions should you require to regarding the option process.

Available on this evening will be an enquiry desk for questions about the process including representatives from subjects which have specific entry requirements or require practical engagement outside the school environment should you have more questions about these courses. This will include Computer Science/ICT iMedia, Music, PE GCSE/OCR Sport Studies and Triple Science.

Details of how to make appointments will be released during the week of 8th February.


Making their choices – deadline for forms to be returned: 15th March

Your child will need to complete their option form and return it to school, signed by the 15th March. They will have a zoom assembly to inform them of how to complete the form and return it.