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Post-16 Advice and Guidance

For many Post-16 applications you will need your estimated grades. You will first get these on your grade card at the end of Term 6 in Year 10 and then you will receive updates on your estimated grades throughout Year 11.


Careers Post-16 timeline




Year 10

June - Aug

Research Post-16 providers and make a short list of where you would like to apply to so that you'll be in a position to start attending open days from September onwards.

Year 11

September - January

Attend open days / open evenings / Severn Vale Post-16 Trip to 6th Forms / Colleges

Year 11

October – January

Apply for college / 6th Form

Year 11

February - August

Apply for apprenticeships


Please click on the below logos to view their website


Gloucester College Apprenticeships
Amazing Apprenticeship
Find an Apprenticeship





 St Peters