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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development

The school’s promotion of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of students is a real strength and adds a different dimension to the well-being of our population. A clear, strong and consistent ethos has been developed around the “Golden Rule” which underpins the ethos of the school accompanied by a clear set of core values; honesty, compassion, integrity, courtesy and perseverance. The introduction of Futures and the promotion of student voice over recent years has added a different dimension to our SMSC work and has enhanced student well-being.

There is a comprehensive programme of activities and opportunities designed to engage students in all aspects of school life and life beyond the school gates alongside opportunities afforded within the curriculum for the development of SMSC. Students are proud of their school and are passionate about their own and others achievements. Students have excellent manners, are principled and give willingly in terms of time and commitment to charity and community events. Students are happy at Severn Vale, have excellent relationships with staff and each other and enjoy school. As Ofsted noted, "Relationships throughout the school community are strong and contribute to students aspiring to do well because staff know the students very well".


Students at Severn Vale think deeply, have clear personal values and are open to new ideas

  • The curriculum enables curiosity in the world explicitly through subjects such as Futures, FAB and RE alongside more implicit opportunities across all subject areas. Over 90% of students over the last 5 years have consistently fed back in Futures topic reviews that they feel the subject is important, is relevant to their lives and that they enjoy learning about the world and asking meaningful questions.
  • The quality of teaching in Futures and RE is amongst the best in the school
  • Students are encouraged to become “GREAT” learners addressing the need to develop lifelong learning skills and emotional intelligence
  • Teachers encourage students to locate learning in reality though linking new skills, knowledge and understanding to the wider world
  • Flexible Learning Days three times a year, trips and visits and other one off events encourage students to think deeply, consider new ideas and embrace new experiences e.g. World War I Remembrance, Healthy Lifestyles Day and Multi-Faith Day
  • Learning logs in lessons enable students to reflect upon their own development and think deeply
  • The annual “Spirituality Week” ensures that all students are awakened to their own beliefs and develop their own meaning to life


Students at Severn Vale are principled, show a keen interest in ethical issues and are encouraged and able to assess their values in the light of experiences

  • Behaviour for Learning enables students to make choices about their own behaviour and actions and think about the difference between right and wrong. Students who require most support in this area are supported exceptionally well by a thorough programme of interventions
  • The use of restorative justice across the school enables students to reflect upon their own values and reassess these in light of experience.
  • The SUMO programme supports students who find this aspect of personal development more challenging
  • The school work with the “Avengers Task Force” (part of Gloucestershire Constabulary) proactively to prevent our young people becoming involved in crime and gang activity
  • Students engage with ethical issues across the curriculum such as the study of the diamond trade in Geography, assisted reproduction and genetic engineering in Science, racism and gang violence in English, and global responsibility in Futures.
  • Students are explicitly given advice about positive relationships, bullying and non-violence in Futures lessons and during National Anti-Bullying Week.
  • Students are encouraged to give willingly to our nominated whole school charity through events each term alongside regular non-uniform days and one off events such as the annual Children In Need talent show, auction and raffle


Severn Vale students can resolve conflicts intelligently, seek consensus and accept others’ rights to hold different views / beliefs.

  • The skills of group work and evaluation are explicitly referenced through the focus on GREAT learning encouraging students to accept diversity of thought and collaboration
  • Futures and RE lessons require students to constantly reflect upon their own views and those of others
  • The School’s Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution procedures emphasise the need for resolution and reconciliation rather than retribution.
  • An increasing number of our Year 11s participate in the National Citizenship Service programme in the summer following their GCSE examinations
  • The school provides opportunities for students to participate in artistic, musical, theatrical, cultural and sporting experiences through trips, visits, productions, concerts and sporting events and tournaments many of which are delivered in conjunction with QLC partner schools


Severn Vale students have very good insight into their own and others’ cultures, appreciate cultural diversity and challenge racism alongside other forms of prejudice and discrimination

  • Students are taught explicitly about a wide variety of cultures and beliefs across the curriculum including their own and others not represented in the local community e.g. Year 9 participate in a unit entitled “Identity and Diversity” in Year 9 Futures lessons
  • Students are given an insight into their own and other cultures first hand through events such as Multi-Faith Day, Remembrance and Holocaust Memorial events. The school also runs events and assemblies for International Women’s Day and Black History Month.
  • Students are taught explicitly about homophobia and sexuality in Futures lessons which is enhanced by sessions with representatives from the charity “GayGlos” with whom the school work closely. Homophobia is also dealt with specifically by the Anti-Bullying and Conflict resolution policy.
  • A range of students have been and are involved in Comenius projects
  • A growing number of students are involved with the local charity “Increase the Peace”