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RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics)

Religion and Worldviews (RW) at Severn Vale School is based on the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE. Students are encouraged to learn about and reflect upon the key beliefs and practices within the main six world religion. They will also learn about Humanist and Atheist views. Along the way students will be encouraged to question and to think about their own ideas on a whole host of ultimate questions. RW at Severn Vale School is relevant to both religious and non-religious students and we pride ourselves on teaching a creative, modern and relevant curriculum that allows all students the ability to achieve. RW is about way more than religion, It is about life, society and our place within it.

What is taught and how?

Year 7:

  • An introduction to Religion and Worldviews
  • Old Testament Prophets
  • The New Testament and the story of Jesus
  • Sikhi and Equality
  • How do we know what is real?

Year 8:

  • An introduction to Islam
  • Buddhist teachings in the modern world.
  • Anti-Racist RE
  • Should Christians be greener than anyone else?
  • Is death the end?

Year 9:

  • Science and Religion
  • An introduction to Ethics
  • Inspirational People
  • Non-Religious Worldviews

Lessons are taught in a variety of ways with lots of discussion, time for reflection and use of modern day examples to enthuse and make students see how relevant RW is to everyday life.


Students can opt to choose Religious Studies as a GCSE in the option Religion, Philsophy and Ethics. We follow the Eduqas course - focusing on Christianity, Islam and ethical and philosophical questions in the modern world.

Core RE is taught through the Futures programme. 



Students are assessed by a baseline knowledge test at the start and the end of every year. During the year, students answer a variety of Enquiry Questions which develop a more in-depth written response. These are assessed to see what progress each student is making in their class as the year progresses. At the end of every topic there is an end of unit exam. The weekly homework tests provide an accurate measure of each student's subject knowledge. 


Students are assessed in RPE in a variety of ways. Assignments are set on platforms such as Senecca to measure progress, and exam practice questions are also set and marked against the exam mark-schemes. Students also complete an end of module exam, totalling 8 exams over the 2 years of KS4. There are also mock GCSE exams set at the end of Year 10 and in Year 11. 


Homework is set weekly for both KS3 and KS4 students.


KS3 homework is a weekly online test on Satchel One which is based on current and prior work in RW. Paper copies can be provided for any student who needs one and school also has its 'Getting Ready" and "Getting it Done" slots where IT access is available, 


KS4 homework can take a variety of forms from assignments on Senecca Learning, exam practice, quizzes and fore-learning.

All homework is set via Satchel One and full support is always given to overcome any barriers that might stop a student from completing their homework.