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Health and Social Care Cambridge National Certificate Level 1/2

This introduces students to the biggest employment sector in the UK, which include the NHS, adult and children care services as well as independent providers. It is a largely vocational qualification using case studies and real life examples to underpin knowledge.

There are two mandatory units and two optional units.

The mandatory units:

RO21 – The essentials of care for use with individuals in care settings

This involves learning and applying knowledge of basic and crucial care values such as confidentiality and anti-discrimination. It also introduces students to relevant legislation and ways care users are protected. It is examined as an external exam lasting one hour.

RO22 – Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings

This involves all methods of communication and the factors that affect communication. It also explores personal qualities needed for good communication skills. This is assessed by controlled assessment completed in lessons which involves a practical activity of role play showing good communication.

The optional units:

RO25 – Understanding life stages

Students learn about the stages of development from childhood to later adulthood. They learn about some medical conditions and the effect on health and wellbeing and will involve writing a care plan. This is assessed by controlled assessment completed in lessons.

RO31 – Using basic first aid procedures

Students will learn basic first aid procedures and whilst this module alone will not equal a first aid certificate, there is scope for this to happen through local providers. This is also assessed by controlled assessment completed in lessons.